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Release notes


This release contains minor bug fixes.

  • Remove the .0 suffix from user visible version numbers in Mac delta updates and GitHub releases.
  • Improve robustness to transient errors from Apple's notarization servers.
  • Fix a bug that could cause install failures for self-signed apps on Windows in non-English locales.
  • Fix an issue that could cause app.mac.deltas to not be respected in some cases.
  • Mac JVM: Improve the error message shown when a library cannot be loaded due to team ID mismatches.
  • JVM: Add JDK configs for OpenJDK/Amazon Java 21.


This release contains minor bug fixes.

  • Fixed a regression that affected users of the (currently private, undocumented) control API. As part of this we improved testing of this feature, which was one of the tasks needed to launch it.
  • Fixed classification of some errors caused by network flakyness as non-crashes.
  • Don't hang the app if the user clicks cancel during a download on macOS in aggressive updates mode.
  • Don't crash when using conveyor generate with rDNS names that contained non kebab-cased words.
  • Fixed a broken link in an error message.
  • Update the JDK list.


A big thanks to Florian Enner for his contribution of improved DigiCert KeyLocker documentation in this release!

  • Fix a rare error that could occur whilst uploading to Amazon S3.
  • Fix a rare error that could occur when using certificates from an encrypted p12 file.
  • Fix a regression related to improved log redaction.
  • Improve the handling of Digicert KeyLocker aliases.
  • Updated the JDK list.


New features

  • Delta updates for macOS. Conveyor now generates delta patches to quickly upgrade older versions (the last five by default) to the latest version. This hugely increases update speed on this platform. Support for delta patching is already in your deployed apps, so users will immediately get faster upgrades once you start using the new Conveyor version for building releases. Conveyor will use the old releases in your disk cache if available, or download them from your distribution site if not. Set conveyor.compatibility-level to 11 or higher to enable this feature.
  • Relocating your update site. You can now change your site URL after the app has been launched.
  • Install via NPM. You can now just npm install -g @hydraulic/conveyor to get Conveyor ready for building.
  • A new HOCON tutorial to make it easier to learn the syntax of the config file.
  • Smarter defaults. If you don't specify the app.vendor key then a vendor string for your Windows packages will now be taken from your code signing certificate.
  • Notarization authentication. You can now use Apple's official notarization API, which uses a different authentication method. The docs have been updated to guide new users to the new protocol, but the prior authentication method is still supported and there's no need for existing users to change anything.
  • More control over Info.plist files. You can now set Info.plist keys independently for Intel and ARM releases. Additionally, keys required for usage of the microphone and camera are now set automatically.

Along with various minor bug fixes.


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