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Release notes

Conveyor 13.1

This is a minor bugfix and performance release.

  • Avoid crashes in a few broken config edge cases.
  • Stop with an error if the config doesn't seem to be encoded with UTF-8.


  • Retry notarization if Apple return 500 Internal Server Error, which they do sometimes.
  • Check that the entry point is actually a Mach-O binary.
  • Stop with an error if you attempt to ship an app larger than 2GB, as currently Conveyor is unable to sign such a large program.


  • Fixes for self-signed apps, in which some errant Windows 10 systems behave in a different way to others that caused installs to fail.
  • Bugfix: don't try to sign an EXE/DLL file if it's actually a batch script (this is valid on Windows and sometimes used as a hack by apps).


  • Updated known JDK versions.
  • Speed up the "Scanning JARs" build step through more caching.
  • Updated the template apps to the latest versions of things.
  • Bugfix: don't sort JVM options, order sometimes matters.
  • GraalVM CE is now supported:
    • Gradle plugin 1.8 is recompiled for Gradle 8 and understands GraalVM CE in the toolchain specification.
    • graalvm (Oracle) and graalvm-community (CE) are now in the JDK stdlib.

Conveyor 13.0 (Dec 19th 2023)

New features

  • Conveyor will now validate the certificate chain for your Windows certificates ahead of time, and fill out any missing intermediates by using AIA extensions where possible. This should catch and fix a common source of mistakes and pain when code signing. This new feature can be controlled using the key
  • You can now use the Google Cloud Key Management Service with Conveyor. This lets you hold your Windows signing key in an HSM, which is now a requirement imposed by Microsoft. Instructions are provided here.
  • We've also added support for the Azure Key Vault.
  • Improved robustness against cache corruption that can occur if your machine kernel panics during a build.

Performance improvements

  • Improved the GitHub Action to check for the existence of the cache before downloading it, so the actions can be efficiently reused more than once in the same workflow.
  • Lazily download Debian package metadata, so we don't do so when building for other platforms.


  • Improvements to error messages.
  • Refreshed the AppxManifest XML schemas.
  • Fixed an incompatibility between the Microsoft Store and the escape hatch feature.
  • Ask for a passphrase when the signing key comes from a p12/pfx file.
  • JVM: Restored compatibility with old versions of Windows 10 that may not have the more modern VC runtime available.
  • JVM: Updated the set of known JDKs.