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Conveyor makes distributing desktop apps as easy as shipping a web app. It's a tool not a service, it generates and signs self-upgrading packages for Windows, macOS and Linux using each platform's native package formats without requiring you to have those operating systems, and it looks like this:

It's free for open source apps and has simple per-project pricing for commercial apps.

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  • Sophisticated software updates
  • App framework integration:
    • Electron: simpler than Forge/Builder/Squirrel, generates ASAR files, can read package.json files.
    • JVM: bundles a jlink optimized JVM, custom native launchers, many optimizations and usability improvements for desktop apps.
    • Flutter: easily ship apps that share code with mobile.
  • Excellent support for CI/CD:
    • Package and deploy directly for every platform you support from any Linux build agent, without needing Mac/Windows workers.
    • Automatic releasing to the Microsoft Store, web servers, S3 or GitHub releases
    • A GitHub Action
    • Support for cloud signing services and HSMs, eliminating the need for USB Windows signing keys.
  • Easy and powerful code signing:
    • Can sign/notarize apps for every OS from any OS
    • Generates CSRs for easier purchasing from certificate authorities
    • Can store root keys in the macOS keychain for extra security
    • Handles keys of different formats
    • Self-signing and Microsoft Store support for reducing the cost of certificates
  • Icon generation, rendering and format conversion
  • Generates a download page for you
    • Auto-detects the user's OS and CPU architecture
    • "Big Green Button" download UX.
  • Scaffold projects for native C++, Electron, JavaFX (JVM) and Jetpack Compose Desktop (JVM)
  • Pierce the abstraction! Over 120 different settings let you take control of every OS specific detail, or ignore them to accept the smart defaults.