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Conveyor makes distributing desktop and command line apps as easy as shipping a web app. It's a tool not a service, it generates and signs self-upgrading packages for Windows, macOS and Linux using each platform's native package formats without requiring you to have those operating systems, and it looks like this:

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Download Eton Notes Download Eton Notes (self-signed version)

Eton Notes is a simple open source mockup of a note-taking app that uses Material Design and the Jetpack Compose Desktop toolkit, which is a desktop port of the new Android GUI framework.


  • Create packages for every OS on any OS. Conveyor implements everything itself so doesn't rely on platform native tooling.
    • Build Windows applications that use the built-in Windows 10 MSIX/AppInstaller system.
      • Windows keeps them up to date in the background automatically.
      • Updates use delta downloads and data is shared between apps, even from different vendors.
      • Has everything IT departments need to easily deploy to managed networks.
    • Build Mac applications that use the popular Sparkle 2 update framework.
      • Sparkle is automatically used, without needing any code changes in your apps.
    • Build apt repositories for Debian/Ubuntu, tarballs for other distros. Integrates with systemd for servers and cron jobs.
  • Automatic icon conversion.
    • Supply a set of PNGs and Conveyor turns them into the platform specific formats for you.
  • Generate a static download site.
  • Brainless code signing.
    • Sign your apps with Apple/Windows certificates for a better download UX, or ignore it and get self-signed packages with a curl | bash style install.
    • You can sign/notarize apps on any OS.
    • You can backup your single root key by writing it down as words on paper.
  • Pre-made template projects.
    • CMake + OpenGL to demonstrate building and packaging C++ native apps that use third party dependencies.
    • Jetpack Compose Desktop and JavaFX for cross-platform JVM GUI apps.
    • Electron Quick Start for building Chromium based apps.
  • Package apps using any runtime or framework.
    • No code changes are necessary to benefit from the integrated auto update.
    • On Windows/Linux the OS takes care of updates, on macOS the Sparkle framework is injected into your binary and automatically initialized by Conveyor.
  • Deep integration for JVM applications.
    • Uses JLink and jdeps to minimize the JDK size.
    • Import configuration from Maven and Gradle build systems.
    • Pre-canned template apps. Publish your first app in five minutes.
  • Support for Electron apps. (beta!)
    • Benefit from well maintained platform native software updates without relying on Squirrel or any centralized update servers.
  • Pierce the abstraction! Cross platform tooling doesn't mean giving up platform-specific features. Over 120 different settings let you precisely configure your packages, including your:
    • Mac Info.plist files.
    • Windows XML app manifests.
    • Linux .desktop files and package install/uninstall scripts.