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Release notes

Conveyor 14.3 (June 11th 2024)

This is a bugfix and maintenance release.

  • Electron: fix a bug in how asar is invoked that could create problems when using multiple unpack rules.
  • Electron: don't invoke npm if the relevant ASAR features are disabled. This can be useful when not using npm based build systems.
  • Mac: Update to latest Sparkle version, which resolves a security issue (low severity as exploitation requires control of your update site).
  • Mac: Improve the popup message shown when the user hasn't moved the app from their Downloads folder. Translate it into more languages.
  • Mac: Improve the error message shown if a key file used for Apple notary authentication exists but is empty.
  • Make some kinds of downloads retry a few times if they fail, to add robustness against temporary server-side flakes.
  • Work around a bug in GitHub Actions caching that could cause a crash during the build.
  • Fix a crash that could occur when configuring the Google Cloud Key Management Service.

Conveyor 14.2 (May 14 2024)

This is a bugfix and maintenance release.

  • Windows: Improves the cache hit ratio for signed binaries, which should help preserve expensive signature operations when using DigiCert cloud signing.
  • Mac: Frameworks are now relocated to avoid symlinks when possible. This should improve compatibility with third party zip utilities that don't implement the zip spec correctly. A warning is printed if symlinks are found from your own inputs.
  • Mac: Resolved an issue that could cause icons to lack sharpness on some display types.
  • Linux: app.updates = NONE now works correctly for Debian packages too.
  • JVM: Gradle plugin: now is compatible with the configuration cache, making it much faster.
  • JVM: Gradle plugin: modules with conflicting names are now renamed inside the package.
  • JVM: Gradle plugin: fix a bug that could cause a failure to find the right configuration name in the latest Compose Gradle project setups (#108)
  • JVM: Upgraded dependency versions in the Compose and JavaFX apps template apps.
  • JVM: Upgraded the JDK definitions in the standard library.
  • Electron: Upgraded template app to Electron 30.

Conveyor 14.1 (April 13 2024)

This is a bugfix and maintenance release.

  • Windows: Fix a bug that could occur if your input files contained two files with the same file extension but mismatched upper/lower case.
  • Linux: Fix a bug with file and URL associations. If you use these and ship to Linux, an upgrade is recommended.
  • Linux: Change the copy/pasteable script to use a way of getting the CPU arch that works on a minimal Ubuntu install.

Conveyor 14 (March 19 2024)

This release adds some features useful for large enterprises.

  • You can now customize the signing process by supplying custom scripts (see app.mac.sign.scripts and This lets you use Conveyor in environments where you have your own internal signing servers.
  • You can now add custom root TLS certificates to your JVM app's trust store using the app.jvm.additional-ca-certs key. This is useful for cases where you don't really need a CA certificate, such as when you control both the client and server side of a connection.

Usability improvements

  • Remap specs now interpret a rule ending in / as a glob /** meaning "all files under this directory".
  • You can now set a timeout for the macOS notarization process using the app.mac.notarization.timeout-seconds key, and allow the build to proceed even if stapling fails. This is useful for expensive CI systems where you don't want to wait for the notarization process to complete, and are willing to tolerate a slow first-start experience for your users (or inability to launch if the first start is offline).
  • If you refer to an unset environment variable the error message now reminds you to use the export keyword.
  • Conveyor now catches attempts to sign Mac apps using a Mac Installer certificate (meant for .pkg files), rather than a standard Developer ID certificate.
  • Changing the site URL for a commercial license now requires an explicit command. The previous approach was a little too frictionless and sometimes users changed the app associated with a license key by accident.


  • Conveyor now handles non-UTF8, non-English Windows systems better.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you don't have npm installed whilst packaging an Electron project or if it's too old, and detects the case where node_modules directories contain symlinked packages.
  • We fixed another case where exploring the cache directory with the macOS Finder could break things due to hidden .DS_Store files littering the place up, and audited the rest of the caching code to make sure it's robust against other Finder-related issues.
  • For JVM apps the Gradle plugin now handles the newest style of Compose Multiplatform projects properly.
  • Fixed a bug for server packages that contain Apache config templates.