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Sample apps

Electron: GitHub Desktop

This shows how a production-grade Electron app can be packaged using Conveyor, GitHub Actions and GitHub Releases.

Download a Conveyor-ized GitHub Desktop View source


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JVM: Jetpack Compose

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This is an open source example app written in Kotlin. It uses Material Design and the Jetpack Compose reactive UI toolkit, which is the new standard Android GUI toolkit and also has a desktop port supported by JetBrains.

JVM: AtlantaFX Sampler

Download AtlantaFX sampler View source

AtlantaFX is an open source theme for JavaFX that implements a modern design language using the GitHub Primer color system. The sampler app provides a gallery of the available controls and stylings. It's written in Java with Maven. Read the blog post to learn how this app was packaged.