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Release notes


  • Fix a crash on Mac systems that weren't set to use English as their system language.
  • Fix a bug that could occur when using Java libraries that depended on the java.annotations module.
  • Fix a crash that occurred if you ran conveyor task-dependencies without specifying a task.
  • Fix bad error messages if you try to change the passphrase for a key that's stored in the macOS keyring (for which no passphrase is required).
  • Suppress an unnecessary warning that occurs with apps using newer JavaFX versions.


  • Fix a regression in the creation of the Linux tarball.


New features

  • Automatic releasing to the Microsoft App Store. This provides an alternative to distribution via your own websites and avoids the need for a Windows signing key.
  • The root key can now be stored in the macOS key ring. This protects it from other applications on the computer, regardless of sandboxing.

Usability improvements

  • Inputs can now be made optional. When the conveyor.compatibility-level >= 9, inputs are required by default. This makes it harder to accidentally build packages that are missing files.
  • A new app.compression-level key allows you to disable compression for Windows and Mac zips, as well as the Linux packages. Set it to none to speed up iteration when doing local testing.
  • Conveyor now verifies that the min macOS version required by individual binaries is consistent with the min version advertised in the Info.plist file. This can catch mistakes where you think you are targeting a certain older macOS version but incorporate code that has a higher requirement. Note that this check only applies to code shipped as individual files, not code inside zips.
  • A crash reporter was added.
  • Certificates that are about to expire trigger a warning.
  • Non-colored terminal output is now less verbose.
  • The -K command line flag can now be given string lists e.g. conveyor "-Kapp.machines=[mac,windows]" make site.
  • Missing signing keys now yield an error rather than a warning.
  • JVM:
    • App JARs are now always placed on the classpath unless listed explicitly in the app.jvm.modules list. Previously, Conveyor would try to identify the module sub-graphs that could be optimized by jlink; unfortunately there are too many broken module graphs in the wild and this feature has now been removed. This change should make no noticeable difference to the execution of most apps but resolves bugs that could cause build failures when using some third party libraries.
    • Better icon loading code in the Compose sample.
    • A safety check has been added for misconfiguration of the popular JNA library.

Bug fixes

  • The Windows installer now detects if admin privileges are necessary to install and elevates as necessary. Normally MSIX packages don't require admin access to install, but this situation can occur on managed Windows networks where the IT admins have disabled this capability for non-admins via a registry key. We recommend rebuilding packages with a higher revision number as a consequence.
  • Input definitions with globs and placement arrows now treat the right hand side as a directory instead of a file to overwrite.
  • A few minor UX bugs in the conveyor keys export command were resolved.
  • Don't try to unlock keys for machines that are disabled by the app.machines key.
  • Don't fail if the user deletes the working directory inside the cache.
  • Abort early if there's no home directory or it's not writeable (this can occur inside some kinds of Docker containers).
  • JVM:
    • Version 1.6 of the Gradle plugin has been released. This fixes some bugs that could occur when working with machine specific dependency graphs that contained conflicting library versions. Additionally, it's no longer needed to add an extra Maven repository. We recommend all projects to upgrade.
    • JavaFX apps are now marked as supporting both integrated and discrete graphics on macOS, speeding up startup and avoiding an annoying screen flash.
    • Don't fail if there are spaces in the system username.


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